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Lead in implementing ISO9001:2008
Won the German TUV-GS safety certification

We serve customers, achieve win-win" with high quality products and services.
Through unremitting efforts, we have provided hundreds of enterprises with hydraulic press, hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press.

It has established long-term cooperative relations with Sany, Changchun FAW, Dongfeng Motor, power generation .

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Online sales may be brushed, and products may not be suitable for themselves.Only professional is the absolute principle,KLT——Tailored to your own press.
The hydraulic and hydraulic press of the company has been sold overseas and loved by foreigners, strong technology, strong enterprise.
Provide permanent technical guidance and after-sales service at home.
Each hydraulic press has safety relay,which is safe, convenient and efficient.
Every bad part
is a time bomb
for the production process.

Poor raw materials, poor heat
resistance and instability.
Single color, improper packaging, poor quality renovation


KLT received great praise from our customers.

   Sany Heavy Industry

Cooperation time: 2010-2017

Equipped products: Multi function hydraulic press, and repair, etc.
Order quantity:3


Cooperation time:2013-2018
Equipped products:Horizontal hydraulic press, universal hydraulic press

Order quantity:4 platform


Cooperation time:2010-2018
Equipped products:Four column three beam hydraulic press and so on.

Order quantity:6 platform


Cooperation time:2012-2014
Equipped products:100t hydraulic press, single arm hydraulic press

Order quantity:5 platform

Excellent servo numerical control hydraulic press and hydraulic press.

Import key brand products directly, Introduce of advanced experimental and testing instruments and equipment

Provide long-term guidance services for hydraulic equipment.

Actively cooperate with customers, improve after-sales service, and provide comprehensive and multi-channel quality services .

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KLT hydraulic press is widely applicable.

Automobile field
Metallurgy field
Agricultural machinery
Aeronautical field


KLT specialize in hydraulic press

Wuxi KLT Precision Hydraulic Machinery Factory locate in Jiangsu Province, China, close to Shanghai, China, the factory is the first to implement ISO 9001:2008 international quality system and CE quality certification in the industry, with the right of self-import and export.

Main products:

The main production 10T-1500T altogether 8 series, more than 100 varieties of various single-column, four-column, frame type servo hydraulic press.



Providing a full range of multi product services


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Wuxi KLT Precision Hydraulic Machinery Factory

We have been focusing on hydraulic press and hydraulic press for many years

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